Leisures activities in the campsite vicinity

Our campers all agree that a camping holiday in Ardèche is all about a change of scene, switching off, discovering a wealth of heritage, and enjoying a host of activities in the great outdoors, on the water or even underground.

You’ll love the geographical location of Le Pastural Campsite, just 3km from Aubenas, the capital of southern Ardèche, and 2km from Vals les Bains, a spa town with its own casino, park and intermittent spring, not forgetting the village of Ucel with its vast green spaces, a huge playground for nature lovers, walkers and hikers.

The campsite is surrounded by a wealth of tourist attractions ranging from natural sites and handcrafts to the historic and architectural heritage that have made Ardèche such a beautiful destination.

Interactive map

The interactive map below gives you a glimpse of the leisure activities to be found in the campsite vicinity.

On site, we will also provide you with all the information you need to let your hobbies and interests guide your exploration of Ardèche, between fun activities, sports, cultural tours and delicious local specialities.

Natural heritage

  • 01 Intermittent source
  • 02 Geosite (dinosaur footsteps)

Cultural heritage

  • 03 Viewpoint indicator
  • 04 Ucel Castle
  • 05 Old Bridge
  • 06 Hermitage Chapel
  • 07 Saint Julien du Serre Church
  • 08 Aubenas Castle

Sporting activities

  • 09 Greenway
  • 10 Vesseaux' MTB Base
  • 11 Green Wood' Bike Park
  • 12 Tree climbing in Vals les Bains


  • 13 'Terres de Millet' shopping area
  • 14 Les Glaces de l'Ardèche
  • 15 Vals les Bains Casino and Park
  • 16 Vals les Bains thermal baths
01Patrimoine naturel
02Patrimoine naturel
03Patrimoine culturel
04Patrimoine culturel
05Patrimoine culturel
06Patrimoine culturel
07Patrimoine culturel
08Patrimoine culturel
09Activités sportives
10Activités sportives
11Activités sportives
12Activités sportives
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